5 Reasons why the DDPY fitness system is a “must-have” during the 2020 Coronavirus scare and beyond (Opinion)

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By Sportskeeda’s Darren Paltrowitz

Previously known to the world as DDP YOGA, DDPY was founded by WWE Hall Of Famer, Diamond Dallas Page, and features workouts that anyone can do, no matter their age, skill level or current stage of fitness. DDP himself leads a lot of the workouts on the DDPY app — beyond cooking demonstrations, motivational talks and other video content — as he regularly makes himself accessible to followers of DDPY.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently affecting billions of people around the world. And for those people, the Coronavirus affects every facet of living. In turn, their health and overall fitness are at the mercy of these still-emerging medical developments.

The bottom line is that many of us are at the mercy of this current epidemic, as subject to local restrictions that keep us from following our usual routines. Here in New York State, for example, many of our counties are in the midst of a “state of emergency,” which calls for local schools and businesses to be closed. Hence the recent rescheduling and/or postponement of events related to the WWE, All Elite Wrestling, Create A Pro Wrestling and other wrestling-related companies.

For those who regularly exercise, and/or are in the midst of making some lifestyle changes, DDPY is the way to go in the midst of this current Coronavirus scare. Below and on the following pages are five reasons why DDPY is the most ideal of workout programs at this current time.

#1 DDPY is location-independent

When you “go to the gym,” odds are that you are physically transporting yourself to a fitness center. You have to leave the comforts of your home or workplace to go where other people’s exercise equipment is stored.

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many people are practicing what the media is calling “social distancing.” It can mean physically keeping from people you are in the same place or area as, or that term can also mean just staying away from other people in general.

Since DDPY can be done anywhere, thanks to its app — the app works on smartphones and tablets, while the program is also web-based — it is indeed location-independent. You can do DDPY anywhere where you have more than a few feet of free space.

No matter your continent, DDPY works as long as you have a steady Internet connection at your immediate disposal; the DDP YOGA NOW! app also has an “offline mode” in cases where the Internet is not readily available.

#2 No gear is needed to do DDPY

Many people’s fitness programs revolve around weights and related accessories. Other people’s fitness programs are centered around plugged-in exercise equipment. Imagine a fitness program where the only item needed beyond that aforementioned Internet-enabled device is your body and you pretty much have DDPY.

Sure, you would be best served to have a yoga mat and a bottle of water near you when you are doing DDPY. You also will find more comfort if you are doing your workout on a map. But when it comes to how and where you do DDPY, as regularly said by Diamond Dallas Page within these workouts, you “make it your own.”

Some of the beginner workouts of DDPY are meant to be done in bed. But even the most advanced of DDPY workouts are not centered around dumbells, bands or other resistance-related devices which you would ultimately need to purchase and have on-hand. Instead, DDPY — which can indeed be done alongside other people — just calls for you to show up and bring your “A Game” when it’s time to work out.

#3 DDPY is far less expensive than gyms and other fitness offerings

I can’t speak for how much gym memberships cost everywhere in the world. But I can tell you that Planet Fitness is as low as $10.00 USD per month. LA Fitness, another popular American chain of gyms, is also considered inexpensive at $29.99 USD per month, although members often also have to pay an initiation fee in addition to an annual membership fee.

DDPY, by comparison, currently offers a one-year membership for DDPYOGANOW at $86.30 USD, which breaks down to around $7.19 USD per month when pre-paid. U.S. military veterans and other professionals are currently offered further discounts, while all new users can try a free 7-day trial of DDPY to see whether or not it’s a great fit.

So recapping everything, with DDPY you not only have an interactive means of working out that you can do anywhere that does not require any substantial gear, but it appears to also be less expensive than any other reputable workout app or program. Many gyms have policies and pose roadblocks when it comes to contracts and cancellations, yet getting onboard (and offboard if ever needed) with DDPY is nothing more than a few clicks and data entry screens.

#4 DDPY is not affected by many of the Coronavirus-related obstacles

One of the troubles posed by the Coronavirus is that many neighborhoods are being quarantined. If not quarantined, there may be curfews for local residents. And if not curfews, there may be limitations to the hours of local businesses, if not just overall restrictions that have local customers concerned about what they can and can’t touch.

In the case of the app and Internet-oriented DDPY, there are no closures. The app is working. Log any time of day or night. All of the archived content is there, and regular content does get posted all the time.

Admittedly, the DDPY Performance Center in Smyrna, Georgia is currently closed to non-essential visitors, per a March 15, 2020 announcement to social media. But DDPY instructor Garett Sakahara also posted that new workouts are likely to still come this week via the DDPY app: “Keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement for these workouts either later tonight or tomorrow morning!”

Feeling bad about this temporary setback, Sakahara also noted: “We want to extend out and offer the DDP YOGA Now app to all our clientele as well with 30 free days. I know that some of you have already used their 7 day / 30 days free…so we are talking with our production/backline and seeing how we can fix this!”

#5 A lot of your favorite wrestlers have used DDPY and there is no doubt about its effectiveness

As shown within the acclaimed documentary The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake, DDPY has helped extend the lives and/or careers of many professional wrestlers, including Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre, Rob Van Dam, Dustin Rhodes, John Morrison, Sami Zayn, The Miz, Kevin Matthews, MJF, Scott Hall, Awesome Kong and Zack Ryder. And fortunately, The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake is about to be re-released, per my recent interview with Tasha Cicherillo for Sportskeeda.

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias — also known as “Fluffy” — has also improved his health through the DDPY, as demonstrated on an episode of Conan O’Brien’s talk show. However, DDPY has also changed the lives of countless non-entertainment-oriented people. For example, the journey of disabled U.S. military paratrooper Arthur Boorman was arguably the first DDPY transformation to go viral on the Internet.

When you see that DDPY has helped professional athletes and everyday people alike, of all sorts of ages, backgrounds, athletic backgrounds and health necessities, it is obvious that DDPY simply works. Its results are proven to be effective if the program is properly followed.

So if the Coronavirus has you stuck at home for the foreseeable future, but getting your health and/or fitness needs in order is of importance, you ought to sign up with DDPY today. Given the current offering of a free trial for the app, you have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain, thanks to wrestling legend and uber-mensch Diamond Dallas Page.

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