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It all started with a passion. A love for collecting watches and timepieces. It grew from an idea to create an extraordinary timepiece for friends, to the most-talked about new watch company in years. Years ago, when businessman and magazine publishing legend Curtis Wong traveled to Europe, he was fascinated by the watches he would see in all the stores from London, to Paris to Munich to Geneva, and beyond. He envisioned a watch unlike anything any other watchmaker made, and so very different from anything else he could find. It had to be elegant. It had to be exceptional. It needed to be high-tech and use the world’s most cutting-edge and advanced technologies. It would use materials like special blends of carbon fiber, the best precious metals available, rare and elegant gemstones. After all he reasoned; a watch is more than just a timepiece. It’s a statement to everyone about who and what you are. In today’s world, the reality is … You may never speak a word, but your timepiece says loud and clear, the success that you are. “When was the last time the watch you wore made you feel good?” Welcome to the watch you’ve always wanted. The watch you’ve dreamed of finding. And at a price you never dreamed was possible. This Will Be The Watch You’ll Love To Wear! [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="medium" ids="1795,1800,1804,1805,1799,1803,1802,1797,1828,1827,1829,1796,1806,1830"]                      

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