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The PRO 190 OA Knee Brace is a great solution to osteoarthritis knee pain. It features the patented EDO Hinge which decelerates knee extension in walking allowing the quads to contract against the light resistance and also causing a co-contraction of the hamstring stabilizing the knee and reducing pain. The body of the brace is 6mm thick 100% neoprene rubber for additional warmth and increased circulation. The 190 OA Hinged Knee Brace is available in a pull on design and a wrap around design. Sized Small through XXXLarge; larger sizes available on request.

About PRO Orthopedic:

PRO Orthopedic was founded by Moose Detty, former head athletic trainer for the Philadelphia Eagles, and has been supplying neoprene supports to every NFL team for the past 42 years. All products are manufactured by “PRO” in Tucson Arizona. The EDO hinge was developed by Jim Whitesel, former head athletic trainer for the Seattle Seahawks.

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