Firestarter advises clients on how to develop, manage, enhance, and protect a key professional asset: their personal brand.

The firm provides strategic consulting, detailed analysis, day-to-day support/management, and individualized and group training to help individuals and small businesses position themselves in the marketplace, engage stakeholders, and motivate customers and other constituencies who could have short- or long-term impact on their positioning and reputation.

Building and/or growing a brand is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, so Firestarter offers multiple options.  Services include:

  • Personal brand messaging development or enhancement
  • Strategic planning, creation, and management of social media
  • Strategic planning, creation, and management of content
  • Media representation
  • Speaker/media training
  • Reputation management and repair strategies
  • Sponsorship or endorsement procurement and negotiation

One-on-one personal brand, earned, and/or social media training and consultation.

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